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Here is a quick summary of the basic text entry rules. Try Edit to see formatting source of any page. Use WikiSandbox to practice.

Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph.........

  1. Add a blank line, then

  2. type your text

  3. when you get over on the right hand side of the text area just keep typing.

Or if you wish do entry linebreaks with <Return>, that's ok too.

When the browser displays the text, it will fill the lines and break them on

the nearest word boundary until a blank line is reached.


Four or more "-" (hyphens) on a line will generate a horizontal rule.

Page reference

  • With a WikiWord you automatically create a HyperLink reference to another page, the WikiWord if it exists, or a prefixed "?" if it doesn't. (Follow ?-link to create page.)

(!!=H2) Heading level 2

Top heading in text, H1 reserved for page title


Subheading in text.


Sub-subheading, smallest useful

Lists (start-of-line notation)

  • (*)bullet....

    • (**) nested bullet level 2, etc.

  1. (#) number

    1. (##) nested number level 2, etc.

  2. (2.) explicit number version (common in imported text, but note that numbering will then be re-generated as the page is served)

Definition list: (
) level 1

Inline styles

  • strong text (usually displays as bold) and emphasized text (usually italic)

URL related

automatically filtered in rendering or saving

  • < > and &

  • cr cr/lf

Monospaced text

So-called preformatted text can be inserted for special effects:

  • Begin a line with one or more <spaces> and the text is assumed to be preformatted.

 This line is preformatted

and so is this one.

Note that the browser doesn't merge them as before.

because by adding the space the text is,

 again, preformatted.

You might also notice that the font changed from a proportional one to a fixed one but that is a matter determined by the browser and not this server.test

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