scheme shell

The Scsh Manual, packed with the distribution, in various formats; see also the scsh download page:

The Scsh Manual as hypertext [web pages]
with links to the man pages of the syscalls.
The Scsh Manual in PostScript format [.ps.gz]
The Scsh Manual in Texinfo format @ github
converted by Rich Loveland.

Scsh is built on top of Scheme 48 R 0.53. The s48 manual describes the module system, the command processor, threads: features scsh inherits from the underlying system. This manual is also part of the distribution; it is a modified version of the original Scheme 48 manual.

Scheme 48 and Scsh implement the low-level macro facility described in Will Clinger's paper (.pdf) on explicit renaming (barring the transformer keyword, though. The original PS file (.ps.gz) is broken but prints fine.)

Scsh incorporates the character set, string, list, and other facilities specified by the respective SRFI documents. Since release 0.6.2 the implementation of SRFI n is packaged in srfi-n.

libraries shipping with scsh
SRFI n Short Title Structure Since
SRFI 1 list library srfi-1 0.6.2
" " list-lib 0.5.2
SRFI 2 and-let* srfi-2 0.6.2
SRFI 5 let / signatures & rest srfi-5 0.6.2
SRFI 6 basic string ports srfi-6 0.6.2
SRFI 7 feature-based config language srfi-7 0.6.2
SRFI 8 binding to multiple values srfi-8 0.6.2
" " receiving 0.?
SRFI 9 defining record types srfi-9 0.6.2
SRFI 11 syntax for receiving multiple values srfi-11 0.6.2
SRFI 13 string library srfi-13 0.6.2
" " string-lib 0.5.3
SRFI 14 character-set library srfi-14 0.6.2
" " char-set-lib 0.5.3
SRFI 16 case-lambda srfi-16 0.6.2
SRFI 17 generalized set! srfi-17 0.6.2
SRFI 19 time DTs and procs srfi-19 0.6.2
SRFI 23 error reporting srfi-23 0.6.2
" " error-package 0.?
SRFI 25 multi-D arrays srfi-25 0.6.3
SRFI 26 cut notation srfi-26 0.6.3
SRFI 27 random sources srfi-27 0.6.3
SRFI 28 basic format strings srfi-28 0.6.3
SRFI 30 nested multi-line comments 0.6.3
SRFI 31 a special form for recursive evaluation srfi-31 0.6.4
SRFI 37 a program argument processor srfi-37 0.6.4
SRFI 42 eager comprehensions srfi-42 0.6.5