scheme shell

We distribute scsh as a tarball containing the source code. Installing is straightforward on most Unix platforms. For some there are also binaries.

The latest version of scsh is 0.6.7, released May 16, 2006:

Alternatively you can download the tarball by HTTP from SourceForge in case you experience problems connecting to our server.

As for future, 64-bit capable, versions of scsh (as a s48 library)— you can download the development version from the Scheme Underground @ Git Hub.

You can also download previous versions of scsh:

Version 0.6.6, released March 29, 2004
Source code
Version 0.6.5, released November 24, 2003
Source code
Version 0.6.4, released April 14, 2003
Source code
Version 0.6.3, released January 13, 2003
Source code
Version 0.6.2, released May 10, 2002
Source code
Version 0.6.1, released February 25, 2002
Source code
Version 0.6.0, released January 9, 2002
Source code
Version 0.5.3, released June 8, 2001
Source code

Older versions, packages and contributed code are available from If you cannot access a resource by ftp try http instead, i.e. change older links from ftp:// to http:// and succeed while no ftp server is running on

Package maintainers of various platforms provide precompiled or configured packages of scsh:

scsh 0.6.7 in the current branch of FreeBSD
Debian GNU/Linux
stable Debian packages of scsh 0.6.7 and 0.6.6
Gentoo Linux
Gentoo package of scsh 0.6.7
Mac OS X / Darwin
Darwin Port of scsh 0.6.7 for OS X 10.5 Leopard
scsh 0.6.7 binary for Cygwin, provided as is (but not supported) by Emilio Lopes

Some distributions haven't upgraded to the latest version of scsh yet:

Mac OS X / Darwin
Fink packages for scsh 0.5.3 and 0.6.6
Redhat Linux 9
RPM for scsh 0.6.5 assembled by Francisco Vides Fernandez.
Source RPM
Source RPM for scsh 0.6.5 and the SPEC file also assembled by Francisco Vides Fernandez.