scheme shell
  • Scsh-SQL

    is an interface which allows scsh programs to make SQL calls through ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and thus to utilize a large repository of information which could be sitting on any relational database management system such as Oracle, Sybase, etc. Written by Samuel Hunter Thibault, shipping with release 0.5.3 but dropped for the time being from 0.6. (I.e., support was dropped, not the source. Will be superseded by a SchemeQL port.)

  • Myscsh

    is an implementation of the MySQL client/server protocol written entirely in Scheme. This package provides functions to connect to a MySQL database server, authenticate, send queries, and receive and parse result sets. The package, along with more information, is available from Eric Knauel's Myscsh page.

  • pgscsh

    provides a socket level interface to the PostgreSQL DBMS. Implements the client part of the socket-level protocol, capable of type coercions from SQL types to Scheme types, supports large objects (BLOBs). The package is part of Eric Marsden's Downloads, also available from the local scsh contrib repository. An updated version is available from Emilio Lopes' Scheme page.