scheme shell
  • SUnet
  • ecm-net

    includes an FTP client library, a POP3 client library (supporting APOP authentication) and access to the NetTime and Time protocols. The package is part of Eric Marsden's Downloads.

  • scsh-yp

    provides direct bindings to the YP/NIS functions, thus allowing Scsh scripts to query YP/NIS databases without an external program. Download scsh-yp from

  • spmr

    A Scheme replacement for procmail. This mail delivery agent lets you sieve and handle incoming files with the comfort of Scheme. The package is part of Walter C. Pelissero's Software Bits.

  • bulky

    David Rush's bulk e.mailer

  • sgd

    David Rush's scatter/gather daemon which distributes queries off to a list of servers and coalesces their responses back into a single data-stream.

  • SASL interface

    A SASL interface for scsh/scheme48, by John Kilburg. SASL is the Simple Authentication and Security Layer, adding authentication support to connection-based protocols. See John Kilburg's announcement, 2005-04: “There is no documentation in order to retain that mysterious quality which often induces attraction. Anyways, please grab and try it or become inspired to write a version that does not suck.”

  • cavespider

    a web client contributed by Johan Ceuppens to sunterlib

  • Snow

    A client-server system for getting scsh packages over the net. Snow is in the r7rs scheme working group; contributed by Johan Ceuppens to sunterlib

  • thttpd

    a client-server web system (http daemon); contributed by Johan Ceuppens to sunterlib

  • tmail

    a client-server mail system (mail daemon; lots of protocols) contributed by Johan Ceuppens to sunterlib

  • server-parsed markup (and extensions)

    cf. resources > Markup.