scheme shell

The Scheme Untergrund Networking Package (SUnet, for short) is a collection of applications and libraries for Internet hacking in Scheme. It runs under Scsh, the Scheme shell. SUnet includes the following components:

The SUnet Web server
This is a highly configurable HTTP 1.0 server in Scheme. The server is accompanied by some libraries which may also be used separately:
  • URI and URL parsers and unparsers

  • a library for writing CGI scripts in Scheme

  • server extensions for interfacing to CGI scripts

  • server extensions for uploading Scheme code

  • simple structured HTML output library

The server also ships with a sophisticated interface for writing server-side Web applications called "SUrflets".
The SUnet ftp server
This is a complete anonymous ftp server in Scheme.
ftp client library
This library allows you to access ftp servers programmatically.
netrc library
This library parses authentication information contained in ~/.netrc.
SMTP client library
This library allows you to forge mail from the comfort of your own Scheme process.
POP3 client library
This library allows you to access your POP3 mailbox from inside scsh.
RFC822 header library
This library parses email-style headers.
Daytime and Time protocol client libraries
These libraries lets you find out what time it is without paying for a Rolex.
DNS client library
This is a complete, multithreaded DNS library.
An ls clone
This library displays Unix-style directory listings without running ls.

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