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Projects And Requests

Let us try coordinating our efforts a bit.

Scsh Projects

You are planning or coding up things related to Scsh? Let the world know, ask for help or feedback, brag around, whatever: here's the place. Once you finished your work, commit it to Sunterlib to share it with other users!

  • IMAP client library. I'm working on one, I have the low-level stuff mostly done, and need to work on a high-level interface. -- MichelSchinz

  • Mail servers. I'm working on a mail server suite called Prefix, including an SMTP server and a POP3 or IMAP server (exactly which will be determined when I finish the SMTP server). --TaylorCampbell

  • Interactive support. We're about to add an ncurses based frontend to scsh. The first version will support command line editing, after this we plan to support tab completion and more advanced features. MartinGasbichler

  • LDAP bindings. I'm working on bindings for OpenLDAP client library (see Currently most standard functions are working, however, there is no support for LDAPControls yet. Needs testing. EricKnauel

  • ODBC bindings for scsh. Quite complete, however, they need overhauling. Also building ODBC bindings as an external (like scsh-yp oder scsh-ldap) would be nice. EricKnauel

  • Cocoa GUI support. Gregor Nobis works on an integration of Cocoa events with Scheme 48 and scsh and bindings to the ObjectiveC runtime API. EricKnauel

  • Qt support. Willi Kappler works on a Qt version of Scheme 48 and scsh. This includes integration with Qt event handling and bindings to importatn Qt classes. EricKnauel

  • Berkeley DB 4. Daniel Brintzinger wrote bindings to Berkeley DB 4. Not in CVS yet. EricKnauel

  • scheffig, the Scheme 48 FFI generator. Generate FFI stubs from C header files. Philipp Schumacher is working on that. EricKnauel

  • a better interactive frontend for scsh (plus ncurses bindings). Christoph de Mattia is working on making scsh more suitable for interactive bindings. Well, he works towards making it everyone's favourite login shell! EricKnauel

  • A PLT-like Scheme-level FFI for Scheme48. See This is currently a work-in progress, but already usable for simple things. --AndreasRottmann

Wish List

  • tab completion and interactive support

Why not use rlwrap instead? rlwrap is a readline wrapper for non-readline programs, available at

(1) "Plan 9 From Bell Labs" is probably (c) Lucent Technologies

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