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Rename With Substitutions

 #!/usr/local/bin/scsh \
 -o srfi-2 -e main -s

Usage substirename.scm FROM-REGEXP TO-TEMPLATE FROM-REGEXP : Posix regexp TO-TEMPLATE : regexp substitution items -- submatch numbers, strings, 'pre, 'post Rename files in the cwd with (relative) names partially matching the FROM-REGEXP to the respective name derived from the TO-TEMPLATE and the match. Query in case of name collisions.

Example substirename.scm "^([0-9]+)([A-Za-z]+)" '(2 "-" 1 post)' would rename "./12arch.bmp" to "./arch-12.bmp" and leave files alone whose names don't match the regexp.

Works in scsh 0.6.6 (RC2). !#

;; Call procedure with source and dest string, the latter derived by ;; regexp substitution. ;; ;; proc : String String --> T0 ;; source : String ;; pattern : Regular-Expression ;; template : Proper-List -- items for rx substitution, i.e. ;; submatch numbers, strings, 'pre, 'post ;; ret val : T0 | False ;; ;; (call-substituting list "1/3" (rx (submatch (+ digit)) "/" ;; (submatch (+ digit))) ;; '(1 "oOo" 2)) ;; ==> ("1/3" "1oOo3") (define (call-substituting proc source pattern template) (and-let* ((match (regexp-search pattern source))) (proc source (apply regexp-substitute #f match template))))

;; Call (PROC OLD-NAME NEW-NAME) for each file in the cwd whose name OLD-NAME ;; partially matches the PATTERN, with NEW-NAME determined by TEMPLATE (and ;; the match). ;; ;; (for-each-matching-file/substitutions ;; (lambda (x y) (format #t "~a ~a~%" x y)) ;; (rx ".") ;; '(post "." pre)) (define (for-each-matching-file/substitutions proc pattern template) (for-each (lambda (filename) (call-substituting proc filename pattern template)) (directory-files (cwd) #t)))

;; no input validation, no usage message -- it's the weekend! (define (main args) (let ((re (posix-string->regexp (second args))) (template (read (make-string-input-port (third args))))) (for-each-matching-file/substitutions (lambda (oldname newname) (rename-file oldname newname 'query)) re template)))

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