scheme shell

Getting User Input Sans Echo

Obtain passwords and the like with discretion

See also ReadPassword.

 #!/tmp/bin/scsh \
 -o low-interrupt -e main -s
 ; the struct LOW-INTERRUPT serves the proc REMOVE-INTERRUPT

(define rest cdr)

;; ASK : input-port output-port -> ... ;; [ shouldn't fool around with control ] ;; Call the interviewer ASK with I/O from/to the control terminal sans ;; echo (so that user input such as passwords doesn't show). (This ;; doesn't work well in Emacs/cmuscheme48 sessions.) Return the ;; result(s) of the ASK call. ;; Cf. Stevens' getpass in his APitUE (p.350 of 1st ed.) (define (sans-echo* ask) (let* ((inport (open-file (control-tty-file-name) open/read+write)) (outport (dup->outport inport)) (old-info (tty-info inport)) (new-info (copy-tty-info old-info)) (local-mask (bitwise-not (bitwise-ior ttyl/echo ttyl/visual-delete ttyl/echo-delete-line ttyl/echo-nl ttyl/canonical ; otherwise no immediate output ))) (blockable-irupts (list interrupt/int interrupt/tstp)))

(set-port-buffering inport bufpol/none) (set-port-buffering outport bufpol/none) ;; switch off echo and stuff (set-tty-info:local-flags new-info (bitwise-and (tty-info:local-flags old-info) local-mask)) (set-tty-info/flush inport new-info) (let ((results (with-enabled-interrupts (fold (lambda (ir set) (remove-interrupt ir set)) (enabled-interrupts) blockable-irupts) (receive tuple (ask inport outport) (set-tty-info/flush inport old-info) tuple)))) (close inport) (close outport) ;; multi-values suck (apply values results))))

;; example (define (main args) (sans-echo* (lambda (inport outport) (display "Type shameful secrets\n@ " outport) (let loop ((out-chars (apply circular-list (string->list "twinkle, "))) (in-char (read-char inport)) (input '())) (if (eqv? in-char #\newline) (format outport "~%You typed ~a~%" (reverse input)) (begin (write-char (first out-chars) outport) (loop (rest out-chars) (read-char inport) (cons in-char input))))))))

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